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Сватбеният ден на Илияна и Марк

Локация: Св. София Голф Клуб, Равно поле

Или: Съпругът ми и аз благодарим от цялото си сърце, на прекрасните момичета на Сватбено кафе! Направихте нашият ден незабравим. Успяхте да пренесете тропиката на нашият живот в България. 
Марк: If you are looking for a dream experience then look no further than these two wonderful ladies. Their organisation of our wedding was absolutely superb helping to create the perfect experience. They captured our wishes and ensured that our guests had everything they wanted before they knew to ask for it. Their attention to detail is second to none and all of this was executed in not only a professional manner but sprinkled with allot of smiles and laughter. A remarkable unforgettable experience.